Pill Brands

In addition to your $55 12-month Kin membership, you pay pharmacy prices for your pill just before it ships.

Below is a list of Pill brands we offer and their prices.

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Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy, Suite 5, 192B Burwood Road, Hawthorn Victoria 3122
Pill brands

In addition to your $79 annual Kin membership, you pay the pharmacy price for your pill just before it ships.

Below is a list of Pill brands that our partner pharmacy offers and their prices.*

*These prices are listed on behalf of our partner pharmacy, YSCP Melbourne — 5/192B Burwood Road, Hawthorn, 3122, VIC.

Australia’s first birth control pill subscription service

Simple and convenient, delivered straight to your door.

Save time


Same low pharmacy prices


Automatic refills delivered to your door


Personalised on-going support

Our contraception subscription service is temporarily not accepting new patients. Register your interest to know when we reopen.
Over 35 birth control brands

Together with an Australian Practitioner, find the pill that works best for you (plus, each one comes in a shiny pill sleeve!). In addition to your $79 annual Kin membership, you pay the pharmacy price for your pill just before it ships.

We're the talk of the town
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“I tried the new contraceptive pill subscription service. It's a game-changer”

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Kin is “giving women freedom of choice and access, and they all cost the same as they would at the chemist.”

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“In a landmark move for women's health, Aussies can now skip the constant doctors visits”

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“For time-poor women in Australia, the contraceptive pill can now be home-delivered”

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Join the 50,000+ Australian women who get their birth control pill online with Kin.

💰 Price

$79 per year
+ pharmacy price of pill

Up to $90 per private consult
+ pharmacy price of pill

💌  Free delivery to your door

Spending time travelling to the GP and pharmacy and waiting in line for your script to be filled

🦋 Flexible delivery schedules

Admin to schedule another appointment

🚀 Auto refills to never run out

Forgetting to renew or losing the script

👩 Unlimited follow-up consults

Booking in another appointment every time you want to ask another question

💜 Switch your pill anytime

Wasted time and money for a consult

📚 Trusted women’s health information, all in one place

Too much information located in different places to navigate

Now with
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Need help finding the right birth control option for you?

While the oral contraceptive pill is an effective contraceptive method, different types of birth control can also support women beyond pregnancy prevention.[1] Other concerns you’re welcome to discuss with a Kin doctor might include:

  • Acne and hirsutism
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
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Questions about the pill subscription?

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Am I guaranteed a prescription?

Just like your family doctor, practitioners in the Kin clinic uphold the highest of Australian medical and prescribing standards.

Our practitioners care a lot about you and their biggest priority is your health and safety. If the practitioner determines that it is unsafe for you to be on the pill, a prescription will not be created.

However, our practitioners will still provide advice about the next steps to take to ensure you get a contraceptive that is right for you. If this happens in your initial consultation, you’ll receive a full refund of your membership fee.

What if I skip my sugar pills? Do you offer flexible delivery schedules?

Yes, we got you covered. Whether you skip the sugar pills or just want to go on a break from the pill, you’ll get your pill delivered on your schedule.

As a Kin member, you’ll be able to refill or delay directly from your profile. For all other changes in your schedule, just reach out to hello@kinfertility.com.au!

How quickly can I speak to a practitioner?

You should hear back from a practitioner within 24 hours, often sooner.

How quickly will the pill be delivered and will the packaging be discreet?

Your pill delivery should arrive within 4-8 business days.

Your order will be delivered with discreet packaging on the outside and cute packaging on the inside.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. When you cancel, your membership will expire at the end of the year. If you have repeats left and wish to purchase them, we can continue to ship these out to you upon purchase. If you have repeats left and do not wish to purchase them, we will not charge you for the product.

Need more support?
Email us

Getting your birth control is easy

Forget waiting in line. Order the pill from your couch, literally.

Online questionnaire

Answer some questions about your health and brand preferences.

Online consult

Have an online consult with an Aussie Practitioner to go through your birth control options and see what’s suitable for you.

Pill delivered. On time. Always

Get the pill shipped to your door on time. Never worry about running out again.

Unlimited check-ins

Unlimited consults for anything you need when it comes to contraception.

Don’t take our word for it…
How did I not know of this service sooner

I always forget to refill my script in time and then finding the time to see the doctor for a new script is another thing I always put off until the last second. This was so easy and definitely worth the subscription! I only wish I had heard about it sooner.

Consult was super easy, online questionnaire and then my package came within a few days.

Brittany W.
rating stars
Where has this service been all my life!

My gosh, I wish I'd had this service in my life years ago. The amount of times I've booked into the doctor, waited literal hours in the waiting room to have a doctor give me a prescription in a matter of minutes! Kin is the best money I've ever spent as I didn't waste hours in the waiting room, it was a few clicks of a button and bam, the pill was at my doorstep. Safe contraception never looked so good and easy!
Emma W.
rating stars
Excellent overall service, care and attention to detail with easy to follow steps

Dr. Hong Le was extremely helpful, professional, considerate and informative with interpreting my fertility results.

I loved the online face-to-face appointment times/availability to explain my results. Eg: 8:30pm. Great for people who are time poor or have different work hours. Thank you to the team at Kin Fertility for providing this helpful service and making it an easy to follow process
rating stars
Waiting rooms be gone!

Having to organise a time to go to the doctor just for a script is the bane of my existance. It also seems a waste of the doctors time after i've been sitting in the waiting room for over an hour, get in and they ask "oh is that all". Kin has put an end to this! Doctors are just as (even more!) thorough than doctors you see face to face and it got delivered super super quick.
Sophie-rose H.
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Birth control for you, an empowered future for her

For every membership to our pill subscription service, we donate $1 to The Cova Project, a women's health charity that changes the lives of girls and women on their period.

cova project logo
Who is The Cova Project?

The Cova Project provides sustainable menstrual health solutions and education for girls and women in developing communities across Liberia, Uganda and Malawi.

They work with local partners to provide menstrual cups and menstrual health education to girls and women who can't afford safe sanitary care.

Kin and The Cova Project have been partners since 2021 and through Kin's support The Cova Project has been able to provide over 2,600 cups to girls experiencing period poverty.

Postpartum Care & Repair Bundle
Replenish, recover and restore with our postpartum supplements.
The Daily Duo
The TLC Bundle
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The Belly Bliss Bundle
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Daily Essentials - 1 Month Supply
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Belly Essentials
Belly Band
C-Section Recovery Bundle
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Tummy Tea - 3 Pack
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Tummy Tea - 1 Pack
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Postnatal - 3 Month Supply
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Postnatal - 1 Month Supply
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Breast Pads
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Nipple Balm
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The Postpartum Recovery Bundle
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The Next-Gen Prenatal - 3 Month Subscription
The Next-Gen Prenatal - 1 Month Supply
The Fertility Lube (3 pack)
Our clean and frictionless fertility lube has been uniquely formulated to mimic cervical environment, allowing sperm to survive and thrive.
The Fertility Lube (1 pack)
Not all lubes are created equal. Our clean and frictionless fertility lube has been uniquely formulated to mimic vaginal mucus, allowing sperm to survive and thrive.
The Male Prenatal - 3 Month Supply
The Male Prenatal - 1 Month Supply
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