Can I have sex on my period?

The real question here is: how should it be done?
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Can I Have Sex On My Period? | Kin Fertility
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Whether you’re with a new partner, having a casual fling, or with a long term partner, the decision to have period sex can be awkward to discuss.

However, we think that period sex is something we don’t talk about enough. You absolutely can have sex on your period, and if you and a partner want to, you should. The real question here is: how should it be done?

Be open and honest with your partner

First off, it’s a good idea to raise the conversation in a polite and respectful way. If you’re the menstruating female in the conversation, be wary that you will likely have a different grasp on period blood than a partner who may have never had a period themselves.

Blood is scary! And if you’re having sex with a man who’s never had period sex before, bear in mind that he will probably have never seen period blood. In that sense, it can be a pretty big deal.

Have an open and honest chat about what you feel comfortable with as a couple, and find out if your opinions on period sex align before getting down to it.

Take your tampon out

It goes without saying that you’re going to need to do this if you’re having sex, however it’s surprising how many women don’t realise. If a finger or penis is going into your vagina, you need to take your tampon out. Like, ASAP.

Keep tissues to hand

Things sometimes get messy with period sex, so having tissues to hand can be a surefire way to avoid messing up your sheets. Keeping some by your bedside table can be very helpful in your time of need.

Use a condom

When you’re on your period, the cervix is slightly open to let the blood out. This can mean that bacteria can get in more readily, and infections (like STIs) can spread more easily. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to use a condom. Plus, it means the person you're sleeping with won’t have to actually come into direct contact with your bodily fluids.

Get yourself a big, dark towel

If you’re having sex outside the shower or bath, having a big dark towel that you can lay down on your bed will save you the hassle of having to apply stain remover to your sheets.

Remember that you can’t defeat gravity

Your tampon is out, you’ve got the tissues at the ready, and the towel is laid down. You’re almost good to go, but before you start getting to it, remember that you can’t defeat gravity.

If you go on top, you’re more likely to allow the flow to move in a downward motion onto you and your partner. One word: messy.

Any position on your back is going to be a lot more practical, with spooning sex working too.

Be wary of your cervix

You’ve probably noticed that your body is more sensitive during your period, which is something to be wary of when it comes to general touch. However, when you’re on your period, the cervix is also lower and harder, which means things (like a penis, fingers, and toys) can bump into it more easily.

If you get one too many bumps you’re going to end up with cervical bruising, which is really painful. Be wary that your cervix is lower and this might mean you have to adjust.

In short, your period is an amazing, natural thing. Don’t shy away from sex just because you’re bleeding. If your partner is down for it and you’re up for it too, why not kick things off with a conversation?


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